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Checkpoints Lab

Checkpoints Lab

Work, Musings, Writings and Projects from FLEFF's Checkpoints Lab 2011

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Exploring Social Checkpoints

Project by Annie Bunyavadhana, Bri Padilla, Molly Schneider, and Elise Springuel

Our project is inspired by how these connections are established--and the social checkpoints involved in their creation. We create social checkpoints with every single interaction we have. Our actions and interactions are informed by stereotypes, prejudices and our own awareness of what is considered acceptable within our social networks. In many ways, our social identities are molded by these checkpoints. Using the varied population of Ithaca, NY as a case study, InMyHood explores how different social groups interact with each other and the identities associated with different demographic groups of the area.

View the website and take the survey!


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