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Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 4:43PM   |  3 comments

Week 7's student summary comes from Annie Bunyavadhana.

In Code is Speech: Legal Tinkering, Expertise, and Protest among Free and Open Source Software Developers, by Gabriella Coleman examines how Free and Open Source Software developers were able to use their techno-craft to defend against the legal efforts that try to constrain their autonomy.

Connecting code and...


Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 4:41PM   |  3 comments

Week 7 looked at the phenomenon of Wikileaks, and especially how it intersects with digital and physical borders on the so-called "immaterial" Internet.


Geert Lovink and Patrice Riemens, <nettime&rt; Twelve Theses on Wikileaks by Geert Lovink & Patrice Riemens, December 7, 2010,...


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