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Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 6:25PM   |  1 comment

This week focused on issues of movement and possibility within the space of gender and the environment.


Amanda Schaffer, "Prescriptions for Health, the Environmental Kind -", August 11, 2008, (accessed January 23, 2011).

Sabine Falk and Christoph Schäfer, "THE THING Hamburg: 'You have to deal with the corrupt apparatus of culture'", February 26, 2009, (accessed January 23, 2011).

Precarias a la Deriva, "A Very Careful Strike".


Natalie Jeremijenko, Environmental Health Clinic (ongoing)

Critical Art Ensemble, Peep Under the Elbe (2008)

Kate Rich, Feral Trade (ongoing)

Precarias a la Deriva

1 Comment

Throughout my studies of Culture and Communications, issues of gender and environment are frequently discussed. As I have learned, gender is culturally constructed, it has evolved through time and is continually being reformed and shaped. Societies except standards or "norms" of gender because large masses of people all reflect those norms through their various performative life actions. Here at this Checkpoint, the question of possible movement with the space of gender and the environment had been discussed. I think that movement through the gender space is possible-- but doesn't go without stigma or stereotype. Yes, gender is constantly being reconstructed (women are now wearing pants, men are wearing their hair longer...then shorter...then longer, but these are just mundane examples). Moving between the "two genders" is also possible (check out this link to see Jon Stewart's hilarious gag on gender morphing: 2011-4) but is often scrutinized by our media or by our peers as "abnormal" or "radical" even.

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