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Checkpoints Lab

Work, Musings, Writings and Projects from FLEFF's Checkpoints Lab 2011

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Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 11:27PM   |  1 comment

Project by Alexis McNutt - Alyssa Traitz - Alex Smyrnos.

I Can See You from Alyssa Traitz on Vimeo.

Project Presentation (pdf)

1 Comment

Man, this video is trippy...

I know, in nonfiction film theory we had talked about Bob Drew's take on cinema verite, where you're basically watching "theatre without actors". I feel like this video sort of takes that to the extreme, where we are seriously, like flies on the wall--and most importantly, the camera is usually a non-entity existing between the filmmaker and the subject. BLahhhh, scary. Yeah, frightening how information we're putting out into the public sphere to be EXHIBITED? AMIRIGHT????

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