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Production and the Creative Spirit

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Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 4:53AM   |  11 comments

Blog written by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, principals of Insights International

How do you define anything in 20 words?

Why should you try ?

Because the open space we live in is filled with headlines, subject lines, tag lines, punch lines. All compete for our attention.

Our so short attention spans.

So be concise.

Go ahead.

Try it.



Can high school kids in foreign countries enter this contest?

please encourage them to enter!
and to post any questions they may have here.

I am in Hong Kong on exchange. A strange question: if a student who lives in another country and wins Define Open Space, would the prize moneycome in USD? I hope I win--this contest seems like an awesome thing you have going across the pond

Bonjour, I found this contest surfing the web for one of my class. I'm an overseas student from France. Do all entries into your contest need to be in English? I can do both but I was just wondering since your idea is OPEN. Merci beaucoup!

Not a strange questions at all! A good one....
The prize $$ is in US dollars.

And, the words do need to be in English....and stay tuned! we are rolling out 2 more contests shortly that include Defining Open Space with words and later we'll have a video REMIX contest using images....

Wait? How to we enter this? Do we just post our definition here?

To enter, just use the form that appears from the link "How to Enter" - it's on the left side of the CONTEST! Define Open Space page.

ALSO - typo in my last comment - the NEW, upcoming contests will include Define Open Space using AUDIO, and REMIXed using VIDEO

Simplicity allows for personal interpretation rather than being handed a complex answer with no room for discussion.

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