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Production and the Creative Spirit

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Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 5:51AM   |  9 comments

Blog written by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, principals, Insights International

There are always 2 audiences:

In producing professional video, there are always AT LEAST 2 audiences for a show.  

The audience who is paying you.  

The audience who will watch your show.

There is also the audience of people who need to approve your work.  Censors.  Reviewers.

Deciding how to create your show to satisfy these disparate viewers is one of the skills you will develop as a professional artist.  



This is truly the reality of the world. I thought for some time that talent and creativity were enough to move the world, but I realized that the world was much like a storm that moves almost at its own discretion. It is like a fickle master we serve almost daily... One day the master wants its coffee served black and on the next it wants to travel south for a glass of sweet tea. As artists working for a global community - a global audience - we share the pains of isolation. Life is stolen away and placed on the screen where hopefully the storm will choose to rest. Of course, life in the storm is chaotic and kinetic in every way. When we're there life feels large like the world is large, but when we're struggling to chase the storm we feel desperate like we're on a treasure hunt without a map.

It is hard to control the weather. Knowing who will watch and who will pay is to know the storm. You attract lightening with a lightening rod and you get blown away if you walk toward the center.

This is an interesting concept, and is no doubt true in some cases.

But what about cases where the goal of the ones paying is for you to create something the ones watching will enjoy? who then are you trying to create for?
do you try to make something you know that the watchers will like or do you make something that the ones who are paying you think the watchers will like?
How often do these scenarios overlap each other and when/how can you tell that they are or are not?

This is a very true concept. Honestly though I think that no matter how much effort you put into designing a film for a specific audience, there will always be people who you never expected to be attracted to the film who become the new audience. I apologize if that came off as confusing but if you look at many films, let's say many horror films, the audience is often 20-somethings. Even though those films are rated R one of the biggest audiences of those films are teenagers. All I'm trying to say is no matter how much effort and research we put into our audiences they always seem to change drastically on the day our films premier.


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