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Posted by Kayla Reopelle at 12:51AM

Blog posting by Kayla Reopelle, Documentary Studies and Production ’14, FLEFF Blogger, Roy, WA

Pens scribbled onto paper scraps, journals and spiral notebooks. The glow of the projector reflected off of spectator's glasses. 


Each guest at the Dissonant Environments panel presented me with new ways to think about art, storytelling and success. 

Leila Nadir (based off of a reflection from an interview):

What’s the difference between activism and art?
Activism targets the law by breaking it, by trying to change it.
Art disturbs. It shakes and exposes the law.

Activism and art are both necessary elements in public discourse. 

Challenging authority, striving for a more utopic society falls into the realm of activism. Art ought to disrupt the way we operate in the world, to challenge our preconceived notions. 

Activism targets authority. Art targets our mind.

Cary Peppermint:
When you’re running uphill, it feels like you are making a lot more progress when you are looking down at your feet.

The big picture can be daunting.

By trying to share ideas and projects with the entire world, you may feel like you accomplish nothing at all. By focusing on a smaller scale, you may realize the way your work impacts those around you.

Jonathan Miller:
A journalist’s job is to simplify the complex. 

Rachael Lewis Krisky highlighted Miller’s metaphor, tha journalists “take the messy hairball of reality and turn it into sweaters or mittens or something.” 

The world does not organize itself into stories, Miller re-iterated tonight.

Journalists turn the world into stories so audiences easily digest their content. This over-simplifies the complex systematic interactions of the world, but opens a space for readers, listeners, viewers to gain much needed perspective.

Nadir and Peppermint will host a workshop Thursday from 2:35 to 3:50 in Park Auditorium. Nadir, Peppermint and Miller will all be featured during FLEFF Lab Friday in Park 223.

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