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Posted by Cassandra Moore at 5:31PM
A Thin Wall Movie Poster

Happy FLEFF!


In no particular order, here are the top 5 events at Cinemapolis not to miss:

1) Dear President Obama

On Saturday at 1:00pm environmental documentary filmmaker and professional adventurer, Jon Bowermaster will be at a screening of his film Dear President Obama. Personally, my hype level surrounding this film is off the charts.  The film focuses on controversial drilling methods that have gripped the US in recent years as America’s hunger for limitless energy hits home.

Using stinging interviews from community members living with extraction industry, scientists, whistleblowers, health professionals, and economists give testimonials about various aspects of energy production in the US. The film is addressing itself directly to our current Commander in Chief from the anti-drilling majority.

2) Here Come the Videofreex

My love for subversion and DIY media is what is calling me to the screening of Here Come the Videofreex, Friday at 8:30pm. Filmmaker Jon Nealon (1993 Ithaca College alum) will be joining FLEFF goers to talk about the film. This 80 - minute documentary dives into archival footage of a particular group of media pioneers who challenged the functions of journalism in the 1970s.

Through they’re radical renegade methods, these journalists took handheld cameras to document news as it existed around them. Their work was done without the big production values that major news networks use to propagate their messages. Jon Nealon wants to hear from current IC students who hold interests in archival material, filmmaking, and news media so come on down for the film screening and discussion to follow!

3) Shoulder the Lion

What happens when an artist loses a sense that is integral to producing their work? This film explores the stories of three artists who are living within that situation. The filmic storytelling of a painter who has lost his site, a musician who is forced to give up playing music due to experiencing hearing loss, and a professional painter who endured severe brain damage all toggle with questions of purpose and existence when life derails your sense of selfhood. A screening of the film will occur at 3:10pm on Saturday and will feature filmmakers Erinnisse Rebisz and Patryk Rebisz.

4) Films from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

For the last two years of FLEFF participation the Sunday afternoon event hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has been slowly developing into a personal FLEFF viewing tradition. The screening showcases several small features of various bird outings and research expeditions that students and faculty contributed to the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This years features will showcase fieldwork from Borneo, Australia and various locations withinin N. America. Some of the birds to watch out for in the screenings are Snowy Owls, Acorn Woodpecker, Eagles, Crows, the Common Nighthawk and more! Check out what critters inhabit our sky-scapes Sunday at 4:30pm.

5) A Thin Wall

A Thin Wall tells the story of India and Pakistan’s partition in 1947. The film’s lessons are still compounding and relevant in today’s landscapes of Pakistan and India. The film takes us on both sides of the border to hear testimonials from citizens who have lived with the repercussions of separation for years after. A Thin Wall was written and directed by Maura Ahmed who will be at the screening as well. This film aims to infuse various art mediums with lived realities of borderland life. The film will be screening at Cinemapolis Thursday at 7:00pm!  

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