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Posted by Kimberly Capehart at 12:02PM
Dr. Tanya Saunders, Executive Producer of FLEFF

Blog posting by Kimberly Capehart, Documentary Studies and Production '16, FLEFF Blogger, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

Welcome back, FLEFF enthusiast! 

After introducing Dr. Tanya Saunders, Executive Producer of FLEFF, and Assistant Provost of Ithaca College, in part one of this two-part blog series, we were left considering the following questions: How has FLEFF changed you? How has it changed your understandings, assumptions, and preferences? 

As Dr. Saunders has quite the experience producing the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, she graciously shared some of her advice for experiencing the festival in the most rewarding way possible as a blogger. I have extrapolated her advice for the blogging team to more general advice for future FLEFF attendees. Her words of wisdom are as follows:

  1. Do your research!

In order to get the most out of your experience at FLEFF, it is important to read up on the screening list so that you can do research on the films before you  see them! This will help you to facilitate intellectual conversation with other festival guests as well as to expand your own analysis and interpretation of the thematic content.2

       2.  Listen to what other people have to say.

FLEFF will be filled with so many thought-provoking, engaging, and interesting conversations, so it is important to open your mind and really listen to what presenters, lecturers, guests, as well your peers and colleagues have to say. Conversations and intellectual discussions are the core of any festival!

       3. Ask questions.

If you are listening closely to other people's thoughts and opinions, then the next step is to expand on those insights by asking questions about confusing, intriguing, or interesting subject matter. Do not be afraid to ask guests about their work, to pick their brain on a particular idea, or even to ask for more of an explanation about a bold statement, challenging claim, or thought-provoking insight.

       4. Take the initiative!

Though FLEFF is a wonderful experience, you can only get out of it what you put into it. With over different events, lectures, presentations, screenings, performances, AND MORE,  it is your job as a FLEFF participant to take the initiative and to immerse yourself in everything that the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival has to offer. The FLEFF passport is a helpful resource if you need some help navigating all of those festival happenings!

       5. Enjoy it!

FLEFF only happens for one week every year! Take every opportunity you can to enjoy and experience the festival in new ways.

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