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Posted by Blaize Hall at 10:35PM   |  2 comments
Peter Dodge and gang, Cloud Chamber Orchestra

Blog post by Blaize Hall, Television-Radio, '15, Georgia, Vermont

What is your favorite, or the most meaningful part for you of playing for silent films?
    1) The happy accidents. Moments of serendipitous cohesion... flashes of light, brilliant or
otherwise...a sound you've never heard before...unintended humor etc. 
    2) That we and the audience are all together in the dark, open to.....experiencing 
        something a little different.
What are you most looking forward to about playing for Battleship Potemkin?
     1) Playing with Robbie, Chris, Damian and Greg.  
     2) happy accidents
What is the best part about being part of the Ithaca music scene? And FLEFF?
     1) It was FLEFF that got Robbie and Chris and myself together in the first place. I'm not sure we would have ended up playing music together had it not been for that. So, there's a debt of gratitude there.   
     2) It's good clean fun, right?


This post reminded me that work Cloud Chamber Orchestra does is entirely in the moment. To transform films like Grass and Battleship Potemkin, which to some may be stuck in the time they were created, into something that's happening and changing in front of our eyes is such a service to a world which has a fading performative cinema culture.

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