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Posted by Melani Lopez at 7:04AM
Jenny Stockdale

Soft melodies and bluesy vocals saturate the room around me as my anticipation for today’s event intensifies with each song. I’m not talking about a Cinemapolis screening, or even FLEFF Lab. I’m talking about having the opportunity to see Jenny Stockdale perform live at Red’s Place.

Those who recognize her name in reference to Ithaca College may know Jenny as the Marketing Communications Manager for the Whalen School of Music as well as the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. While she has done and continues to do impressive work in her department, Ms. Stockdale possesses another talent-she herself is a musician. Her journey as a singer/songwriter makes it easy to say that music is more than just a mere hobby. Ms. Stockdale’s dedication paid off this year with the realization of every independent musician’s dream; her first album, Fingers Crossed, was released officially this past February.

This year, she switches hats from marketing to music, and will perform songs off her album at one of the FLEFF after parties. The long and winding path leading to this moment proves that sometimes, with the right passion, things are just meant to be. In Ms. Stockdale’s words:

“When you make the decision to do something, everything seems to go in your favor. Everything seems to fit, but you can’t do anything half heartedly if you really want it.”

And indeed, from New York, to California, and back to New York, Ms. Stockdale’s musical and educational journey has taken quite a few years, miles, and girl bands to mature to the success of today. In all the years it took her to find her way here, her love of her singing and writing has never ceased, and as a result, her talent has only grown. In her words, the key to the growth:

“I just try to listen to as much music as possible. I have many favorite female artists, that are all very different.”

Words of wisdom to any artist or musician-take inspiration from everywhere and never give up a passion. You’ll never know where it will lead you. It could mean and album. It could mean a festival performance.

“I never thought I’d be able to do that. It’s unbelievable.”

I hope to see a big crowd of supporters tonight at Red’s. Don’t forget to check out Jenny’s new album and enjoy some great music from IC’s very own.


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