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Posted by Jennifer Barish at 10:56AM   |  Add a comment

Blog posting written by Jennifer Barish, Communication Management & Design ‘14, FLEFF intern, Skokie, IL

I tried to write a blog post that accurately portrayed the passion, intellect, and creativity of Robby Aceto. But I couldn’t do his words justice, so I will let Robby’s words speak for themselves:

The Cloud Chamber Orchestra—a multi-sensory microtopia:

“Along with Chris White and Peter Dodge, I'm one/third of a group that's now known as CLOUD CHAMBER ORCHESTRA; we're an improvisational music trio making our fourth performance at FLEFF.

This year we will perform with the seminal documentary “Nanook of the North.” It's a riveting film and on many levels, a cinematic masterpiece. For NANOOK we've created a very spare ensemble; rich in atmosphere, and chilling natural sounds. I'm especially looking forward to doing it as I've decided to focus on a single instrument for the entire score; something I haven't done yet.

In terms of concept, small-group improvisation is my idea of the ultimate microtopia. Your very existence in this short-lived musical universe is tied to the concepts of volition, need, desire, possession, yielding, and almost as a primary need; a capacity for acceptance… acceptance of circumstance, acceptance of limitations, and the needs and desires of others.”

On the Cloud Chamber’s Sound:

“There are a few constants at the core of our sound; most notably Chris's cello, my guitar playing, Peter's winds, and the fact that we use electronics, analog looping, and live audio captures to create our improvisations. But both Peter and I are multi-instrumentalists, and more or less act as the wild cards. Also, Peter can do this sort of solfege-style of singing that just kills me it's so beautiful. In addition to our collection of nice instruments, we've also used everything from noise-makers and toy instruments, to circuit-bending with old casios and fuzzboxes, to using music apps on the iPad.”

Music and the move-going experience:

"From the screenplay, to the actors, to the camera work and editing and everything else… nothing can help that film succeed better, or allow it to fail more miserably than the music that is created (or selected) to go with it. I think it has something to do with the way humans perceive; light moves faster than sound, so images get to your brain first. But the sounds leave a lasting impression; possibly because they take us longer to absorb. If the intent of a film is to provoke feeling or thought, or engender a sensibility, everyone is aware music is capable of doing that entirely on its own."

On FLEFF and student engagement

"If you don't like to talk; think. If you want to know what others think; listen. Maybe next time, next panel, next screening, you'll discover you have something you want to say. That discovery alone; looking for that discovery is almost the number one reason you're here at school to begin with."

The Cloud Chamber Orchestra will perform at Cinemapolis on Sunday, April 1st at 7:00.



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