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Posted by Sydney Augustine at 7:43PM

Written by Sydney Augustine, Sports Media ‘19, Blogging Intern, Queens, New York

While plenty will be happening downtown at Cinemapolis starting Wednesday night, there will be many, and I mean many, on- campus events, happening Monday, April 1st all the way to Friday, April 5th.

Each day will be jam-packed with amazing panels, presentations, workshops, and screenings, which are all free and open to the public and may make it extra difficult in choosing which ones to attend.

So as you continue making your game plan on how to tackle FLEFF, here are some can’t miss on-campus events that are sure to disrupt your week:

1. Eyes on ICE: WITNESS Documenting Abuses at the Border On Monday night, April 1st, Palika Makam and Diana Ross, who both work for WITNESS, will be giving a presentation in Textor Hall from 7:15 to 9:00 pm.

 WITNESS, a NY-based organization that trains and supports people who use video in their fight for human rights. Ms. Makam and Ms. Ross will be talking specifically about how they are working to shed light on how Immigrations and Custom Enforcements (ICE)  and Border Patrol are abusing their power in the detaining and deportation of immigrants. There will also be demonstrations earlier in the day from 2:00 to 2:50 pm in Williams 317 and from 4:00 to 5:15 pm in Hill Center G05.

2. There will be  Master Classes with Festival Guests on both Wednesday, April 3rd and Thursday, April 4th, where artists and media makers will go in-depth about their work.
They will do a shot-by-shot analysis of their work, describe their research or artistic process and challenges, talk about their careers, and probe how disruptions are essential to their work. I am particularly excited about the master class that will be led by Philip Mallory Jones, who I had the pleasure of interviewing for the FLEFF Blogs. He has created beautiful and mesmerizing graphics that detail the Chicago Renaissance, a time where Black art flourished.

Mr. Jones will be talking in-depth about his project called  Bronzeville: Etudes and Riffs on Thursday from 1:10 to 2:25 p.m.

3. On Friday, there will be FLEFF Labs  in Job 312, which is a day of continuous roundtable discussions, debates, and explorations. There will be four labs that day, but I am particularly excited for the very first one called, “Disruptive Media: Technology and Transformation, which will be held 10:10 to 11 a.m. Moderated by Professor Andre Utterson, FLEFF guests Kelly Gallagher, Philip Mallory Jones, Claudia Pederson, and Girish Shambu will discuss the evolvement of technology and how they use such technology advancements in their pursues of disruptive work.

Honorable mention:
Though not a lecture or workshop, I am excited to attend the on-campus screening of Black Girl in Suburbia.

This the first time I am learning about this documentary, but the title resonates deeply with me for it explores the conflicting and difficult experiences of Black girls who grow up in predominantly White communities. Though I did not grow up in a white neighborhood, I attended Catholic schools that were predominantly white and spent an immense of time in neighboring Long Island, so I look forward to seeing director Melissa Lowry work and hope it ignites important conversation on how difficult it is for Black girls and women to simultaneously navigate Black and white spaces.

Black Girl in Suburbia will be shown in Hill Center G05 on Wednesday, April 3, at 4:00 pm.

These are only several of the many disruptive events happening this upcoming week and they are all free and open to the public. I definitely don’t plan on missing any of them and hope you don’t either!

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