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Posted by Hanxiao Wang at 5:20PM
Professor Claudia Pederson

Blog posting written by Hanxiao Wang, Integrated Marketing Communications Studies, ’19, FLEFF Intern, Sichuan, China.

“How digital technologies can be used to counter the status-quo,” professor Claudia Pederson claimed, “That’s what I am interested in.”

Professor Claudia Pederson came to the city of Ithaca to attend Cornell University studying History of Art and Visual Culture in 2004. Now she is an assistant professor at WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY.

“Because of my graduate research I get into FLEFF. I wrote on digital games and activism and was invited to speak on this for FLEFF 2007,” Professor Claudia states. This year, she will be co-facilitating a film festival course, as well as presenting on collaborative curatorial projects, the online component of FLEFF.

Talking about how to define FLEFF, Professor Claudia described, “It is a film, documentary, and a bit of an electronic media festival, with strong roots in progressive visions, which are shared by the Ithaca community at large as well.”

“Progressive” is the word she emphasized, as the icon of FLEFF. If “Hollywood is profoundly conservative when it comes to gender and race” as Professor Claudia said, then FLEFF is an avant-garde festival covering the whole community and insisting an egalitarian, non-hierarchical, non-gender-biased event.   

Focusing on researching technology, media theory, and social practice, Professor Claudia discussed more about the effect of digital technology towards films and the world. She asserted “there is no longer a center (aka Hollywood) and margins (the rest of the world). The audiences for Bollywood's and Nollywood's production now surpass Hollywood's. Likewise, production and distribution are greatly expedited by digital technologies and networks.” If using one word to describe the trend of film industry, that must be “Globalization,” as she said.

Finally, one suggestion she gives for students who will go to FLEFF, “Dressing up, go beyond your comfort zone, experience as much as you can,” she said.

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