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Posted by Kaley Belval at 3:19PM
Laura Kissel

 Blog posting written by Kaley Belval, Documentary Studies and Production '15, FLEFF Intern, Woodbury, CT

Laura Kissel isn't just a director coming to FLEFF, she is an Ithaca College alum ('91) coming back to the home of her undergraduate years. 

Her new film project, Cotton Road, incorporates both documentary clips and a source map that traces the development of cotton from when it is a seed until it becomes a product. It will be shown Saturday, March 31st at Cinemapolis, and Kissel will also be a part of the FLEFF workshops Friday, March 30th. 

The project focuses on how cotton is cultivated and manipulated to become a final commodity, as well as the effects this development has along the way. 

"I think the microtopia that we can almost say we propose  is that these processes are going on all the time, but maybe perhaps we could personally choose to reject them, and that we might seek some kind of alternative," said Kissel.

Jessica Bichler, who is helping Kissel with the film, is also an Ithaca College alum ('00).

"Each place that you visited throughout the film is its own little microtopia in a way," said Bichler. 

The film is not only a visual and interactive representation of the cotton trade, but a different way to look at how we purchase commodities as well.

"Perhaps people start thinking a little bit more deeply about the resources and energy required to make things, one would value them a lot more, so maybe our map eventually grows and expands to embrace the possibility of other maps that people will make and contribute, therefore lead to a whole new kind of community online," said Kissel. 

Interested about the reliance that we have on commodities and how the cotton trade functions? Come meet Laura Kissel Saturday, March 31st at 2 pm at Cinemapolis.

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