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Posted by Liuqing Yang at 12:26AM
A typical "Red Songs" concert show in China. Courtesy of the Internet.

Blog post written by Lucy Yang, Journalism and Politics, ’14, FLEFF blogger, Puyang, Henan, China.

She seems to be quiet, but she’s a riot.

I had the honor to interview one of the assistants to the co-directors of FLEFF, Chenruo Zhang, and she left me with that impression.

Chenruo is a Communications major graduate student at Ithaca College. She grew up in Yixing, a small but historically significant city not far away from Shanghai, China. Before coming to Ithaca, N.Y., last summer, Chenruo spent her college life studying Radio and Television Journalism at Nanjing Forestry University.

These might all seem normal. What astonished me the most were two other things about her. These two stories unfold her qualities that she's not afraid of being different or breaking rules.

Most kids in China have to go through military trainings for about two or three times throughout their school years. I had one in middle school and one in high school, and I was supposed to have another one if I went to a college in China. But Chenruo had never completed any of her three trainings.

A lot of college students in China apply to be Communist Party members while they are in college. It is almost an unwritten social norm that being a party member equals to prestigious jobs. As Chenruo described, almost all her classmates had submitted the application for at least once, and throughout the four years of college, about half of her class ended up being party members. But she had never even applied.

I have never intended to be different in my whole life. I felt a bit ashamed comparing to Chenruo’s experiences.

When I think of this year’s FLEFF theme, “Dissonance,” I couldn’t help thinking of a rebel in a group, or how there should be a rebel, or even more, in a crowd that is blinded by authoritative forces. I think of the tragedy of the Cultural Revolution. I think of those large-scale “Red Songs” performances. Wouldn’t it be great if there were people who weren’t afraid of being different from the mass?

Just like what Chenruo said: “Everyone else doing something doesn’t mean it’s legitimate… We should be encouraged to break the rules and create something new, and that is what FLEFF is for.”

Chenruo Zhang's interview was originally conducted in Mandarin Chinese and was translated into English by Lucy Yang.

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