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Posted by Kristen Tomkowid at 11:07AM   |  3 comments
Under the Microscope

Blog post written by Kristen Tomkowid, Journalism '15, FLEFF Intern, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Arab Spring was big news the past two years, but we have been hearing less and less about it recently. I interviewed artist Ali Kadhum about his work on the subject for the Distributed Microtopias exhibit

Kadhum created the video Under the Microscope as a response to the suppression and inhibitions the Arab world went through and is still going through. As an Iraqi citizen, Kadhum was a part of this world and because of this he saw the reason behind the uprising.

Kristen Tomkowid: Are you happy with the result of Under the Microscope?

Ali Kadhum: I am very satisfied with the result.

KT: Do you think you will do more to further the project? Like creating a series?

AK: Yes, there is a lot of work about this theme in my exhibition that includes a seven part series of video art and experimental works that have been produced by an organization. Now, it depends on whether there are other organizations which can fund the project.

KT: Are you working on anything new?

AK: Right now there is an experimental film about the American invasion of Iraq. It is a series of work which includes Iraq after war.


"As human beings we are trapped in a grid, drawn by political and social events."-Kadhum's webpage 

What are your thoughts on Arab Spring and our invasion of Iraq? Leave a comment with your thoughts!



This sounds like a great conversation you had with Kadhum, Kristen. Great questions and great discussion!

I love some of the things she said, especially "as human beings we are trapped in a grid, drawn by political and social events." After all, we need something to be preoccupied by, don't we?


Interesting blog on Kadhum. I wondered if he shared anything more specific about his interests in making new media around the issue of the Arab Spring and Iraq? What are his specific issues?

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about Ali Kadum's project on the U.S. invasion of Iraq. His video "Under the Microscope" is such a powerful examination of the tension as the world watched and waited for events to unfold two years ago... and still today. Makes me think of everyone down in the streets and in the squares in 2010 (as well as earlier and since), both here in the Arab World and abroad.

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