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Posted by Andrew Ronald at 5:33PM   |  8 comments
Shambhavi Kaul

Blog posting written by Andrew Ronald, Film, Photography & Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Intern, Mahopac, New York

Knowledge. Exploration. Imagination.

These are all elements of the Distributed Microtopias Exhibition here at the 16th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. And there was one artist in particular who stood out to me: Shambhavi Kaul. Her piece entitled Scene 32 is a part of the exhibition.

And rightfully so. Shot in both high-definition video and 16mm film, the sound of subtle winds accompany various shots of mesmerizing textures, patterns, and remote locations. It is very moving in the sense that it invites the audience to experience ephemeral moments and reflect upon them for a munch longer time. The editing strategy is even structured in such a way to promote an overt, yet fluid transition from one moment to the next. 

Scene 32 truly encompasses the idea of mobilities.

I happened to stumble upon this video as well for some commentary from the artist herself about the piece, but I am also attempting to set up a Skype interview session with Kaul sometime later this week where I will be able to ask her a whole lot more! Stay tuned!

How does Scene 32 make you feel?


Great imagery! Certainly a great pice of work, I look forward to the interview

SCENE 32 is exquisite! The different textures of 16mm and HDV capture subtle differences in the textures of the salt march.

I'm looking forward to seeing it! Thank you for the news!

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Great work!

it would be better if you asked more from Kaul as some of the things can explain by artist only that is why to decrypt their messages I usually prefer to take help from experts to get more creative ideas like that and make something of my own as an artist idea is what we need.

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