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Posted by Jade Hazzard at 11:11PM

Blog by Jade Hazzard, FLEFF Blogging Intern 2019, Camden Maine.

Prior to the screening of “Eating Animals” I jokingly said that I want this film to persuade me to become a vegetarian.

As I sat in the middle of the auditorium on the brown fabric covered chairs with a tiny wooden desk folded over my lap, I began taking notes. When the Health Sciences Professor Michael Smith walked up to the podium everyone’s attention was drilled on him.  

As Smith explained the premise of the film I began to understand more about what I was about to see. I had seen films like this before, but I have a habit of hiding my eyes when something bad happened. I told myself that this time I would keep my eyes open the whole time. 

That wasn’t a task I could follow through with. What I witnessed from this film gave me full body chills. I had a continuous lump in my throat that made me feel as though I could be sick at any moment. 

This film wasn’t just about the horrors of factory farming, but also about the hardship that farmers have to go through. Several farmers were interviewed on how factory farming had affected their lives. These farmers don’t really have a lot of choices, they can only join the companies or get out of the game.  I watched these farmers make heart retching decisions to save their morals and their families. 

I knew that factory farming was immoral, and I knew that I didn’t want to eat meat from those kinds of places. However, being a student in college has made avoiding factory farmed meat difficult.  Mainly because I don’t have to option or the finances to purchase locally farmed meat. That being said I have taken it upon myself to cut meat out of my diet until I can support local farmers. What I proposed before the film came true, I was persuaded to become a vegetarian.

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