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Posted by Kelsey Greene at 2:37AM   |  5 comments

Blog was written by Kelsey Greene, Documentary Studies and Production, '13, FLEFF intern, Buffalo, New York

As I mentioned several times in my blog entries, I am looking forward to all the events and guest at FLEFF 2011.

One specific event I am looking forward to at Cinemapolis is the screening of Good Fortune, Sunday, April 17 at 2 p.m.  I am particularly excited about the discussion following it with the filmmakers Jeremy Levine and Landon Van Soest.  

I have a strong interest in these filmmakers because they are Ithaca College alumni and I have talked to a few of my professors about them and their work.  It is very inspiring to me that they were able to start their own production company right out of college and pursue their passion in documentary.

I am also intrigued by the complexity of issues involved with the film Good Fortune.  

An event I am looking forward to on the Ithaca College campus is the performance of The Rite of Spring with Gustav Mahler's Ruckert Lieder by Brad Haughman and Deborah Martin.  The event will be Monday, April 11 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Hockett Hall.  

The two very talented individuals, who are also faculty members at the college, came and talked about the event at our intern meeting last week.  Their passion about the music was contagious and I cannot wait to see the live performance that will be a once in a lifetime event!       


Jeremy was my TA for Doc Research in Spring 2006. He was great and we all learned a lot from him, especially to never give up on pursuing a topic that was important to us. His and Landon's accomplishments after school continue to be an inspiration.

I couldn't be more bummed that I have class Monday night during the performance of "The Rite of Spring." It seems like such a unique opportunity to hear professors play this piece along with Mahler's lieder. I feel fortunate to have gotten a preview of the professors' performance, and I know that a lot of my music friends are looking forward to hearing the combination as well.

See you there!

Erin, that is so neat that you got to have Jeremy as a TA for Doc Research! I'm planning on taking the class next semester. It's so motivating for me to know individuals who have made careers out of what they are passionate about.

Jackie, I'm sorry you have class during "The Rite of Spring" event. At least there will be other neat musical events occurring on and off campus throughout the week. I would suggest trying to make one of the silent films accompanied by a musical performance. They sound very interesting. Also, make sure to tell all your friends about the musical events because everyone can enjoy them!

Shea, nice short, concise comment. Are you referring to "The Rite of Spring Event" or the screening of "Good Fortune?" Hopefully both! Regardless, I hope to see you at several of the events!

It is very cool to see that alumni are getting involved all around the globe. After watching the trailer it makes me want to see the rest of their film.

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