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Posted by Gillian Smith at 9:24AM   |  1 comment

Blog post written by Gillian Smith '12, Journalism, Harwich, Massachusetts  


That microtopias embrace adaptation is one of their greatest strengths. If we consider utopia to be unattainable, imaginary and perfect, we must accept that microtopias exist in our world of imperfection and reality. 

I had never heard the term microtopia before joining FLEFF, but after learning more about it with each new week, I am beginning to see microtopias in my everyday life. Last week when we visited the Music School, Dr. Martin and Dr. Hougham talked about the moment when the music connects with the audience and what that feels like. All of a sudden I realized that was their microtopia. That is the audience's microtopia. In that moment, I, too, found a microtopia. 

In my mind, those little moments that go unnoticed until days later are the microtopias. It's everything that is worth living for- the unpredictability of the next moment, and the one that follows, and every moment from here on out. Not every moment is going to be your microtopia, but the possibility is there to make each next moment your own utopia. 

1 Comment

I love that you found 'your' Microtopia through a discovering of someone else's Microtopia! :)

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