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Posted by Molly Bandelli at 10:21PM
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Blog posting written by Molly Bandelli, Television and Radio, minor in Sociology, ‘20, FLEFF Blogging Intern, Westfield, NJ.


Disruption is necessary for a fresh start.


To me, the word itself exudes chaos and controversy. Yet with the turbulence caused by disruptions, of any form, we are provided an opening for thought and action. The disruptive act declares that things can no longer operate as they once did.


Within the lens of sustainability, disruption is omnipresent. It’s actively discussed on forms of social media, news broadcasts, films and newspapers. Ranging from the #METOO campaign to the #BlackLivesMatter movement to combating global climate change, it’s inescapable.


And that’s just only in the United States…


The issue is that disruption, while capable of causing devastation, is necessary. There has to be a consequential loss to motivate change. It becomes our role to find solutions that prohibit the same form of disruption from occurring again.


The theme of the 21st annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is “DISRUPTION”. Disruptions “stop the flow of events, ideas, processes, and structures which can no longer continue like before.”


FLEFF will serve as a platform to initiate the conversation concerning the sources of disruption and how to respond to them. The films, videos, panels and presentations will all cater to the theme of disruption, with the hopes to get the audience to think critically about disruptions.


In it’s content and nature, I see FLEFF as a source of disruption in itself. By expanding its scope beyond film and encouraging guests to think outside of the box, it challenges the audience to confront ideas “which can no longer continue like before”. I am curious to see how filmmakers and artists will present their content or work to maintain FLEFF’s disruptive nature.


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