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Posted by Emma Zarabet at 5:12PM

My initial reaction to hearing the word “disruptions” is a feeling of excitement. It feels as if something is bubbling up and ready to explode.


I think that disruptions as the theme for the 2019 FLEFF festival could not be more appropriate for the climate we live in today. All across the world, people are experiencing unrest and injustices and problems with their environments.


I am extremely excited to see how the theme of disruptions translate into film and new media content. It will be interesting to see the many different ways that people can interpret disruptions as a theme and what it means to them.


FLEFF defines disruptions as stopping the flow of events, ideas, processes, and structures which can no longer continue like before. I don’t necessarily think this has to be a bad thing. As a newly self described optimist following my 2019 resolutions, I think disruptions can be hopeful in which new ideas and content emerges and is created from the mess.


It can be for the best for things to change and not continue on as they always have, we need a lot of change in the world today and in order to get there, past systems need to be completely broken and remade.


My biggest curiosity in regards to FLEFF's theme of disruptions is how artists and creators will see this theme in relation their work. I wonder how everything being shown at FLEFF will tie into this theme and make an impact as a “disruption”.


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