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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Lea Troutman at 8:47AM

FLEFF opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives I have never been exposed to.

"Nothing is black and white" is a phrase I heard multiple times during my FLEFF experience and it really changed the way I look at problems. It is never just an environmental problem, like in FLEFF it affects all aspects of politics, social issues, ecological, economic and cultural and technological forms. Journalism in the United States affects the other countries and their medias, nothing is simply how it seems, there's a domino effect that effects the whole system. 

FLEFF opened my eyes to the immanency of the current situations.The Journalism in the Age of Despots panel was a FLEFF event that was really inspiring. The 3 journalists endure an immense amount of struggle and pain as journalists. It was almost shocking for me to see these people before me, who have almost died on duty or have had family die. I don't want to say too much about the individuals, but I want to express my appreciation for their work. 

Tony Cokes at Cinemapolis was one of my favorite artists I saw at FLEFF. Much of his work consisted of text on a solid or sometimes patterned background. One piece that stood out to me was Evil.16 (Torture.Musik). This piece combined the text on blue and red backgrounds with different clips of American Music. This piece creates a simulation of the psychological torture that the military uses as a weapon to inflict pain on prisoners. This piece as well as many of Coke's other pieces opened my eyes up to issues I was totally unaware of and should research more. 

Overall, FLEFF week was extremely inspiring for me to learn about issues outside of the United States and myself and that everything is inter-connected even though it might not appear that way on the outside. 

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