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Posted by Nnebundo Obi at 3:18PM

Blog posting written by Nnebundo A. Obi, FLEFF Intern, South Setauket NY.

The countdown to FLEFF week is fast approaching. From April 1st through April 7th, the FLEFF film festival will showcase a diverse set of films, visual artworks, musical and academic presentations, and other activities as well. After sitting through numerous trailer viewings and presentations from FLEFF contributors, I am excited to experience the results of months of extensive planning done by the FLEFF team.

Here is a list of events and films that you might want to consider putting on your calendar for FLEFF week.

1.      The Disruptions Concert – Ithaca College Campus, Tuesday, April 2nd

The Disruptions concert is not an event that you want to miss, it will be a multimedia experience featuring live performances by professors, students, and fellow FLEFF collaborators. Get ready to be disrupted by the visual and auditory journeys that we will embark on.

2.      I Am Not A Witch (2018) – Cinemapolis, Wednesday, April 3rd @ 4:20 pm & Friday, April 5th @ 4:00 pm

“I Am Not A Witch” is Zambian-Welsh director Rungano Nyoni’s first feature debut film. Using satire and dark humor, Nyoni criticizes the patriarchal and traditional institutions that lead to elderly women being accused of witchcraft in certain parts of Africa. The film itself follows the life of a young girl named Shula who is found guilty of witchcraft. Shula must contend with larger global and regional forces that benefit off her disenfranchised position. “I Am Not A Witch” disrupts the notion that the phenomenon of witchcraft in Africa is simply about superstition and pseudo-science. The film seeks to uncover the patriarchal and misogynistic beliefs that leave women vulnerable to exploitation by systems that are supposed to protect them

3.      Philip Mallory Jones – Bronzeville: Etudes and Riffs, Saturday, April 6th @ 4 pm

Philip Mallory Jones is a prolific creator, his interdisciplinary work combines mediums such as photography, video, virtual reality, game technology etc. For FLEFF, Jones will showcase his latest project titled “Bronzeville: Etudes and Riffs”. This project tells the visual stories of Chicago during the first half of the twentieth century. I am personally interested in this event because its aesthetics are Afrofuturistic, they bring bygone era and project it into the present using futuristic technology.

4.      Swing Kids (2018)- Cinemapolis, Wednesday, April 3rd @ 4:10 pm & Thursday, April 4th @ 9:15 pm

Written and directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol, this nearly three-hour long musical explores the complexities of war and racism in the backdrop of a POW camp during the Korean War in South Korea. To escape the harsh realities of living in a POW camp, a group of soldiers decide to form a tap dance group. This film disrupts the notion that war films are only about blood and loss.

5.      Occupy, Resist, Produce – Cinemapolis, Sunday, April 7th @ 4 pm

Directed and filmed by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler, “Occupy, Resist, Produce” chronicles the experiences of workers occupying and putting factories back into production in Europe. The films follow the conversations and organizing tactics that the workers use to achieve their collective goals. Throughout the films, we are exposed to economic, political and institutional factors that place factory workers in a precarious position.

To find out more please visit the FLEFF Film/Event Descriptions 2019 announcement on our website!




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