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Posted by Anna Bornstein at 1:11AM

This years Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival will feature numerous film screenings, music performances, and faculty presentations. With almost one hundred events happening solely on the Ithaca College campus, deciding which events to attend can be a challenge! While I hope to attend as many events during FLEFF as possible, here are five events I’m particularly excited for.


1.) Geographies of Disability: Docu-series by Ann Michel and Phil Wild

From attending school to forming social relationships, disabled persons face unique challenges everyday. One of the greatest challenges disabled persons face is finding meaningful work.

Partners Ann Michel and Phil Wilde produced “Geographies of Disability” for professionals/researchers supporting the normalization of disabled persons in the workforce. The docu- series features transition aged youth preparing for and starting life in the workforce.

2.)  What the Fields Remember: A documentary by Subasri Krishnan

On February 18th 1983 over 2000 muslims- mostly women, children, and the elderly were murdered in Assam, India. Known today as the Nellie massacre, the event has existed on the peripheries of India’s history, remaining widely unacknowledged by the general population.

“What the Fields Remember” features two survivors recounting the massacre and their struggles of seeking justice and coping in the decades since.

3. Inside the Chinese Closet: a documentary by Sophia Luvara

“Inside the Chinese Closet” explores modern day gay men and lesbian women as they enter “fake” marriages with spouses of the opposite sex. Intense homophobia coupled with societal pressures to continue their family lineage under the “One Child Policy”, being LGBT in China presents many challenges. “Inside the Chinese Closet” gives viewers a rare glimpse into closeted lives of the LGBT community in China.

4. Billas Saving the Savior.

After losing his father at age 9, young Billa was faced with the challenge of feeding his mother and siblings. Billa scours Wular Lake (India) daily for trash and plastic. He sells what he collects and uses the money to provide for his family.

Billa depends on the lake to feed his family. The lake depends on Billa to stay healthy. “Saving the Savior” tells the story of an unconventional, yet heartwarming symbiotic relationship.

5. An Art that Nature Makes: A film by Molly Bernstein

Photographer Rosamond Purcell  finds unexpected beauty in the disposed and decaying objects of the natural world. “An Art that Nature Makes” details Purcells unique fascination with such objects, forcing viewers to rethink their own perceptions of beauty and imagery.


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