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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Sarah Lockwood at 11:23AM   |  46 comments

Blog post written by Sarah Lockwood, Cinema & Photography '15, FLEFF Intern, Blairstown, New Jersey

Sunday, the final evening of FLEFF 2012, I found myself in theater number four at Cinemapolis, watching the film Beijing Besieged by Waste with two very special people.

To my right sat a fellow intern and friend, to the left sat my brother.

For the past eight months, my brother has lived and worked in China, this weekend being our first reunion since last July. It seemed only fitting that we should view a film about that very country.

Images of thousand-acre landfills and poverty-stricken citizens fill the screen. A small boy playing with items found in a trash bag, a man building a house among the garbage, ponds completely smothered by waste.

At one point, a middle-aged Chinese woman onscreen describes her life as a 'professional' garbage scavenger - a job her family does not know she holds.

She is cheerful but clearly impoverished, citing an amount of Chinese money and states that she is lucky - lucky - if she makes that much in a month. 

From beside me, my brother whispers, "That is forty-five American dollars."



That is a wonderful moment, having a giving and caring heart is priceless.

The reality of life can be disappointing, it's sad to see how impoverished some parts of the world can be. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely watch this documentary.

By photography, you can explore beautiful moments hiding from our eyes. With visiting online magazine I have seen numerous unique photographs which can say entire stories it impressed me so much

It is very sensitive and heart touching moment. How some people are spending their lives and doing struggle for food and other necessary needs.

I am extremely confident, what I see and read here can give understanding to me and different companions turn into his experience. I can just give a major bless your heart

Very sensitive flashes I can't consider that how people are striving and suffering from this condition it is really painful for us.

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I am to a great degree certain, what I see and read here can offer comprehension to me and distinctive allies transform into his experience.

Intereting read, I ha a similar expericne when I went to china for higher studies but I didnt write it and shared like you did.Thanks for the headsup.

It is very unsafe for us to watch our youngsters passed on with this demonstration of psychological oppression. It makes awful and the loathsomeness impact on youngsters it influences their development in developing aptitudes and advancement of considering. They should require which acquaints them with dispatch their work and inspire them to battle against fear-based oppression and render retribution with the finishing of instruction to demonstrate them we will never prevent from this demonstration of weakness. As you say it is the issue of all countries which are looking for such huge numbers of years. It is the obligation to make and develop new methodologies to spare our kids and all fear based oppression.

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FLEFF students are building a microtopia ideal here on the Ithaca College quad this end of the week. They are illuminating the word MICROTOPIAS with recovered and reused materials. Assistants were put into gatherings, with each gathering given a letter to devise from reused and recovered materials on grounds.

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To my proper sat a fellow intern and friend, to the left at my brother. For the past 8 months, my brother has lived and worked in China, this weekend is our first reunion for the reason that ultimate July. It seemed most effective fitting that we must view a movie about that very united states.

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Each life is a progression of pivotal occasions. Minutes that shape and change us, and hugy affect our improvement and our decisions. They aren't anything but difficult to perceive, when you're encountering them.

it's miles very touchy and coronary heart touching second how a few people spending their lives and doing conflict for food and different vital desires.

it's miles very touchy and coronary heart touching 2nd how a few humans spending their lives and doing war for meals and one-of-a-kind important desires.

it is suitable very touchy and coronary heart touching 2d how a few people spending their lives and doing battle for meals and one-of-a-kind important goals.

it is appropriate very sensitive and coronary coronary heart touching 2nd how a few human beings spending their lives and doing conflict for food and one-of-a-type vital dreams.

The FLEFF was begun at Cornell University in 1997, which may not appear that long prior, but rather it was really before now is the ideal time: well before "An Inconvenient Truth" (2006), preceding "Winged Migration" (2001) even before "Princess Mononoke" (discharged in 1999 in the US). The celebration moved to its present home at Ithaca College in 2005.

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it is proper extremely touchy and coronary heart touching second how a couple of individuals spending their lives and doing strife for nourishment and one-of-a-type imperative dreams.

Every life is a movement of crucial events. Minutes that shape and change us, and colossal influence our change and our choices. They aren't definitely hard to see when you're experiencing them.

Isn't it strange that living in the era of hi-technologies we still face such things as poverty and pollutions. In first sight the metropolis and cultural center where you can see different exibitions and places of interest, but what you can't find here is blue sky and fresh air.
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