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Posted by Noah Dunne at 10:58PM
Girish Shambu

By Noah Dunne, Exploratory student with a minor in Honors, '23, FLEFF blogging intern, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Does what we study in school dictate what we become invested in for the rest of our lives? Yes and no says Professor Girish Shambu. Alongside his work with a PhD in operations management, Prof. Shambu is an ecstatic cinephile and has found his niche with much success in the film blogging community.

Many of his works can be found on where he delves into film analysis and production ideology, as well as the films he has been watching.

“About 15 to 20 years ago was when I got the itch to start writing about films because I have been a film lover since my teenage years. Around 2004 I got into blogging, which began with events like the Toronto film festival” Prof. Shambu reflects. “I realized my passion had to do with film culture, the landscape of the film industry, writing about other bloggers, writing about film criticism, and so much more”

Prof. Shambu set out to bridge the gap between film criticism and film scholarship, and while this may not be his main goal in his more recent blogs, it acts as the focal point for his journey’s conception. The idea of bringing the two worlds together is what inspired him to keep writing and persuing this idea of unity in the film world.

“Cinephiles are people that are unbelievably passionately attached to film” he explains. They are integral to the film community because they essentially act as #1 fans. Many cinephiles also go into filmmaking. Cinephiles are invested enough to argue and debate their favorite films, and these people are omnipresent at festivals like FLEFF.

Prof. Shambu delves into the importance of blogging in the context of film festival and how it is is one way to immediately capture impressions and reactions to films, and to send them out on the internet. From his experience, there are many eyes and ears listening to films, even though most films are written through the lens of straight white males. “I like the fact that blogs are written by all kinds of people, I find that the same film can be viewed by many different people and I am often surprised by the perspectives they bring. It really enriches the film for me” He explains.

Recently Prof. Shambu has explored movies by women and thus expresses his appreciation for the new perspective. Over 90% of films have been made by men, and consequently the industry is swamped in his opinion. In watching movies created by women, he has found new knowledge that he didn’t know existed. All films are dictated by our perspectives, and to step out of your shoes and to walk around in a women’s body in a women’s world, for instance, acts as an enriching learning experience for Prof. Shambu. He recommends the show unbelievable on Netflix, and states that it was a revelation to him in this regard. He also recommends Top of the Lake by Jane Campion who is his favorite filmmaker.

I am extremely excited to meet and talk to Prof. Shambu face-to-face when he comes to Ithaca college, and to have a discussion about both of these shows.

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