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Posted by Chloe Wilson at 11:21AM   |  2 comments

Blog posting written by Chloe Wilson, Television-Radio ’14, FLEFF Intern, Ashland, Massachusetts.

Doesn't 2008 seem so long ago?

It's so weird to think that FLEFF has been around for four years, let alone fifteen.  And so much has changed since FLEFF 2008!  We had a different president, The Dark Knight hadn't premiered yet, and I had no idea where I was going to go to college. (Spoiler alert:  I chose IC!)

So looking at information and schedules from past years of FLEFF, I was expecting to see a lot of differences.   You can find the website for FLEFF 2008 here, but here's a quick rundown of the differences between FLEFF 2008 and FLEFF 2012.

  • FLEFF 2008 focused on four content streams: Camouflage, Counterpoint, Games, and Gastronomica.
  • Buffalo Street Books was not an official partner of FLEFF 2008, but they're working with us for FLEFF 2012!

It's cool to see how FLEFF has progressed over time.  With FLEFF celebrating its fifteenth year anniversary this year, FLEFF has taught us about so many topics, ranging from environmental issues to electronic music to the science of food. This only makes me more excited for this year's events!

What's your favorite FLEFF memory?



Thanks for this post, Chloe. FLEFF has been at IC for 8 years now, and IC has been involved with FLEFF since the favorite FLEFF memory? It's always the same elements: a work of art that I never would experience without FLEFF that makes me see and think differently: a packed, overflowing crowd; great conversation and dialogue; feeling I am in a different kind of space and place; a collective spirit of inquiry with others.

I can't wait to experience that with FLEFF! My favorite memory from FLEFF 2011 was at the Uncorked! screening. It was so cool to see students and professionals working hand in hand to create such an amazing piece.

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