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Posted by Gena Mangiaratti at 5:08PM

Blog posting written by Gena Mangiaratti, Journalism '13, FLEFF Intern, Feeding Hills, Massachusetts.

Q&A with FLEFF intern Kristin Sargoy, Cinema and Photography ‘14

GM: What got you interested in your major?

KS: I probably got interested in Cinema and Photography because of my cousin, who’s like my big sister. She’s 7 years older than me. She lives in the city; I live on Long Island. So I used to go visit her, and she would take me to some of her cinema classes and stuff like that.

She was also an assistant manager at IFC (the Independent Film Channel) so I used to go and help her.

She brought me up in the projectionist booth a lot so I know how to project, which is cool. She taught how to use the 35 mm projector without completely destroying the film.

GM: Did you have any opportunities in high school that encouraged your interest in film?

KS: I took film appreciation in 11th grade. We had this film appreciation class and my teacher was amazing. We got really close. I think that’s what really really made me decide.

It was the SATs and college time when you’re thinking about it, and I was like —I think I want to major in film, I love this. That was the final thing that did it.

[The class] was a lot like Dr. Zimmermann’s class, watching movies and analyzing them, but it was more mainstream stuff.

GM: So when you say analyzing movies, was it kind of like you would discuss and analyze a book in class?

KS: It was basically exactly like that — picking apart a book, but it was a movie. And also just enjoying a movie.

GM: How has your experience as a FLEFF intern been so far?

KS: It’s been pretty good. I probably would not have known about the Alfred Maysles “Gimme Shelter” [event] if it wasn’t for being an intern, and I’m really glad I went to that. That was awesome.

Hearing the filmmaker talk about his work gives you an entirely new perspective on it. Because if you’re just looking at it it’s like, ‘oh, he’s just standing on a stage holding a camera’ – No, it’s really difficult. He told us stories about what happened when the camera wasn’t there, and that was really interesting.

GM: Is there anything in particular you’ve learned from working for FLEFF that you hadn’t known before?

KS: Probably the thing I’ve learned most from it is how a movie theater is run. I’ve learned more about event-planning and how intricate and how scheduled things have to be.

When you go to an event you don’t really think about it too much. You’re just like, ‘Oh, this is happening now, this is happening later’ — but it requires a lot of planning.

GM: Do you have a favorite movie?

KS: That’s so hard.

The first movie I remember being really wowed by —like, every aspect of this movie was incredible — was American Beauty… It was more so I couldn’t find something that I didn’t like about it:

The cinematography was great. Kevin Spacey is great in everything that he does, ever. When I saw it, I think it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I think that’s what really got me.

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