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Posted by Yukino Kondo at 5:08PM   |  2 comments
Helen De Michiel

Blog posting written by Yukino Kondo, Integrated Marketing Communications & Drama, ’14, FLEFF Intern, Tokyo, Japan. 

I have not been keeping up with the blogging in a while but I am back! And this time, this is a definite!

I wanted to let you all know that there is a meet up with Helen De Michiel at 1:10 pm in Park 220 on April 14. She will not actually be there because she will be in Madagascar. However, the meet up will be a live skype with her to Madagascar!

Helen De Michiel is a director, writer, and a producer. She is a founder for Thirty Leaves, which is a production organization “to frame independent media work [she] generates and collaborate with others to create.” She is currently also a co-director at National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture. Her efforts are put into film, television and video installations. Her feature film, Tarantella was shown at the Seattle Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival in 1995. She holds a MFA in film and visual arts from University of California, San Diego.

This event is quite exciting for probably most aspiring filmmakers and me because firstly, the event gives us a chance to meet up with a successful filmmaker and hear stories from her. It is always helpful to talk to those who are in the business and gain knowledge about the real world. Secondly, I am interested in how a skype conversation would work in an environment with a lot of audience. I am so used to skyping my friends one to one that I cannot imagine how it would be like with multiple people. It is an indication of how useful technology can be and how far it has come.

So, please, come to the event! It will be an interesting experience for all us, especially students who are studying film.


A small correction: Helen De Michiel will be at the meet up on Thursday, to talk with students IN PERSON. The Skype was to be with filmmakers working on food issues in Madagascar.



Yukino, maybe another blog posting that corrects the information? We know it can be dicey with so many events changing all the time!

It's really refreshing to hear about individuals like Helen who care about the food that children are eating in public schools. I went to a public high school and I know from personal experience that the food was less than satisfactory and no one took the initiative to change it. Everything was deep fried and low grade. We hardly had any fruits or vegetables to choose from. Hopefully others will follow her lead and take the initiative to improve the health of younger generations!

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