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Posted by Andrew Ronald at 12:08AM
Karly Placek, FLEFF Intern

Blog posting written by Andrew Ronald, Film, Photography & Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Intern, Mahopac, NY

It has been really exciting for us FLEFF interns to get to know each other, and as a blogger, I took the liberty in getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with at the festival. I would like to introduce all you FLEFF activists to the spunky and ambitious Karly Placek, a freshman at Ithaca College majoring in Documentary Studies and Production. Karly is from Monroe, Wisconsin, and if you ever happen to be in the area, she highly recommends Brennan's Market, the cheese store where she works, or just a good field to go cow tipping in. 

ANDREW RONALD - What made you interested in becoming a FLEFF intern?

KARLY PLACEK - I was interested in the international aspects of it. I wanted to meet new people from different cultures and share ideas about art and media

AR - On that note, what have your experiences been like so far and have they upheld what made you originally interested in joining FLEFF?

KP - I like getting the chance to meet other kids at different schools [on campus] that I normally wouldn’t collaborate with. It has been interesting to brainstorm different ideas for the festival with them. These students come from such different backgrounds and I think it’s really great that we all get the chance to work together. 

AR - Because FLEFF explores the theme of microtopias this year, how would you define this term in your own words?

KP - To me, microtopias are places that are created when people understand that ideas aren’t necessarily accepted in society as a whole. They are, in fact, created on a smaller scale to unite people with comment interests.

AR - How effectively do you think the interns this year are promoting FLEFF through social media and other forms of communication?

KP - I think FLEFF interns this year are doing a good job about getting the word out about FLEFF. Not only are they utilizing Facebook and Twitter, but they are working on promoting public relations via word of mouth, posters and stickers. 

AR - The screening of Oka! kickstarted the FLEFF experience unofficially last Sunday. What did you think of the film and the director?

KP - I absolutely loved it, and I think that has to do a lot with my global interests. Anything about Africa sparks my interest and I am personally an active member of Invisible Children, a club that aims to resolve conflicts in Africa. Having the director there brought me so much insight that I had never experienced in a film before. She really served as an example that I could emulate in the future with my own personal filmmaking career and anthropological exploration.

AR - What are you most looking forward to?

KP - I am most interested in meeting the directors and brainchildren behind international films and new media projects. I want to get advice from them and see what my career could actually be like in the real world. They have a lot to offer and I have a lot to learn. 

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