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Posted by Chloe Wilson at 5:22PM
The poster for "The Other Side of the Water."

The closer we get to FLEFF, the more excited I get!  It also helps that more and more events are being announced everyday. It's exciting to guess what new films and guests will be at FLEFF, and what new experiences this year's FLEFF will offer.

I already posted about the Cinemapolis FLEFF films I can't wait to see, but the FLEFF on-campus schedule was released earlier this week and I am totally stoked about the slate of events!  They all are going to be amazing, but here are three that I'm incredibly excited to partake in:

1. Lecture: Food Sovereignty and the Global Hunger Games

Okay, so it's not the story with Katniss Everdeen, but this lecture by Dr. Phil McMichael is centered on an interesting topic that everyone can relate to. "Food sovereignty" refers to the right of peoples to create, define, and reform their own food systems, but with our culture's method of food production, it is difficult to share that power with the whole of the populace. Personally, I'm really excited to learn more about this topic - as well as my place within the global system - so I'm definitely not missing this one.

This lecture will be held on Monday, April 1st at 7 PM. Location TBD.

2. Workshop: Transmedia

FLEFF is a front-runner in regards to new media, so what better place to learn about the importance of transmedia and how this affects the future of the industry? This workshop will be facilitated by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, the principals of the award-winning production firm Insights International, and led by artist Elizabeth Miller and researcher/professor Evan Meany. Based on Miller and Meany's work in the new media field, I'm sure they both will have fantastic insight into this new and rising field.

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, April 3 at 6:50 PM in Room 111 of the Park Business School.

3. Film: The Other Side of the Water

This film follows a group of immigrants as they reinvent traditional Haitian music (known as "rara")for the streets of Brooklyn, their new home.  It's a powerful mix of narrative of music that is unique to this documentary - it's definitely a film to see if you're interested in either artform. "The Other Side of the Water" also does a fantastic job portraying the Diaspora community in the New York area, making it both educational and entertaining.

This film will be screened on Tuesday, April 2nd at 1:10 PM in Room 281 of the Park School of Communications.

Be sure to check out the schedule on the homepage of the FLEFF website! What events are you excited for?

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