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Posted by Shea Lynch at 4:12PM
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Blog posting by Shea Lynch, Documentary Studies and Production '14, FLEFF Intern, Glens Falls, New York

I hope everyone purchased their FLEFF passes! Go! Go! Go!

I met with Professor Jonathan Ablard, Latin American Studies Coordinator at Ithaca College, and discussed the FLEFF spring mini-course Garbage, Oil, and Other Dirty Things: Environment, Commodities, and Film in the Americas.

Professor Ablard has taught at Ithaca College for six years and teaches Latin American Studies and History, among many other programs. Coupled with his new course this semester From Sugar to Oil ("which examines the history of commodities in the Wester Hemisphere"), Professor Ablard will challenge the Ithaca student body with this FLEFF mini-course.

Also teaching this course with Professor Ablard is Professor Michael Smith, who has been teaching Environmental Studies and History at Ithaca College for about 11 years. His new book, Citizenship Across the Curriculum (2010), has received great reviews.

"I got interest in doing this course," said Professor Ablard "because I am teaching a commodities course and [Professor] Smith is teaching the American Environmental Thought class so we are kind of bringing the two themes of both courses into this one-credit class."

The class will examine the links between "unsavory commodities and to get people to think about how history and environmental studies and film can enrich our understanding." Commodities such as coal, organ trafficking, garbage, and oil will be studied. 

Films being shown during this class:

Waste Land directed by Lucy Walker

The Charcoal People directed by Nigel Noble

Dirty Pretty Things directed by Stephan Frears

The class starts right after spring break and enrollment ends Sunday, March 27, 2011. There are 20 seats total for this class and it is offered Monday and Wednesday, 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m.

This mini-course is "geared towards everyone" and is a SDF (Pass/Fail) course. There will be some writing assignments and will be heavily discussion based. Special guest speakers will also be planed including Diane Cohen, Executive Director of Finger Lakes ReUse. She will discuss how garbage can be turned into something useful: a commodity. 

This mini-course will not only challenge students to think outside the box, it will also challenge Professors Ablard and Smith to work outside their own "disciplinary boxes."

"I think there is a lot that everyone can gain from team taught classes. It is good for students to have more than one faculty in the room at one time because one of the things they can see is different teaching styles but different approaches to the material. It can open great avenues for thinking."

If you would like to sign up for this course, write down this information:

HSP 10100-04

CRN 43202 

Question of the Blog: What would you do with a pile a trash?

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