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Posted by Emma Zarabet at 1:22AM

Mira Moreau is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.


Don’t let that fool you, however, she’s not not afraid to speak what’s on her mind. As a Cinema and Photography major, she cites some of the best advice she’s received thus far to be “if you see something [on set] you don’t like, just say it.”


At her time at Ithaca, Mira has gained more confidence on set as the producer or AD and is excited to break into directing. “I want to do work with actors, I want to do something creative.”


Her inspiration for going into film? The Lord of the Rings series.


You could see Mira’s excitement as she explained the origin of her want to pursue filmmaking. “I wanted a job where you’re working with people, being creative, telling stories, and get to travel around.” Something that 11 year old Mira thought The Lord of the Rings did all of.


Growing up in rural Maine didn’t leave her with a lot of filmmaking experience to explore. This is actually one of the reasons Mira is so excited for FLEFF. Before college, Mira recalls, she hardly watched any foreign films and didn’t even realize all of the films being produced internationally that she wasn't exposed to.


While this will be her first time working with FLEFF, Mira attended some screenings last year during FLEFF, which she describes as “the best week of the semester last year.” Attending these screenings really opened her eyes to all of the different stories being told from “places [she’s] never heard of, with things [she’s] never seen before.”


“It’s mind blowing to have my idea of the world smashed apart because I was finally seeing perspectives of people from other countries in this medium of film which I understand.”  


Mira is also a part of Ithaca’s chapter of the film society, DKA. To her, this is community of people she just feels really comfortable in that share her passion for film.


Film isn’t Mira’s only love, though. She is also a Theater minor, yoga and rock climbing enthusiast, and an avid journaler.


When I point out that I can definitely see her crunchy, hippie side, Mira gets excited that I noticed that. “People don’t see this hippie outdoorsy side of me that's a big part of my identity.”


While she loves being an art student, Mira considers her love for the outdoors and nature a huge part of who she is. She even took a gap year between highschool and college to explore these passions. She spent the fall as a company management intern at a theater in Maine. And in the spring, Mira spent a semester with NOLS (the National Outdoors Leadership School) where she got to travel around the Southwest and go backpacking, rock climbing, and canoeing, something she’s been dreaming about doing since she was 15 years old.


And now Mira Moreau is ready for next adventure, working as an intern at FLEFF.



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