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Posted by Alexis Lanza at 11:19PM   |  2 comments
Gift giving

Blog Posting by Alexis Lanza, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts '15, FLEFF Blogger, Enfield, CT 

There were certain moments during FLEFF week that had the most impact on me. They were given freely as gifts, and now they belong to me, part of who I am as an intellectual individual and an artist. These are the moments where I stopped to think in a way I had never thought before, or where something slippery I had been trying to grasp suddenly became clear, or when I felt an overwhelming sense of understanding and connection. These are the parts of FLEFF that I will take away, hold onto, and incorporate into my life from now on. 

  • The kickoff lecture for FLEFF week was Jonathan Miller, a radio journalist who presented a lecture about a project called Food For 9 Billion. The lecture delved into problems of hunger all over the world, laying out a list of very complex issues that are tied into it— changing diet, population growth, and plant- breeding, to name a few. At the end of the lecture, to tie everything together, Miller stated, "There's no we who will feed the world. The world will have to feed itself." 
  • "It might just suck. And that's okay." — Cary Peppermint on making art 
  • Andrew Lowenthal of Engage Media explained to a group of students in a classroom what open- source technology was by comparing it to chicken recipes. 
  • "Study deeply. Study broadly." — Dr. Bohn, while moderating a FLEFF Lab Friday panel called "How to Get Your Break." 
  • Nothing is more exciting to me than the collaboration of scientists and artists. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology showcase not only presented this idea to me, but they also gave it a name— conservation media— which gave it life and possibility of a future, instead of just being a thought floating around in the recesses of my brain. 




I really appreciate your use of the word "gift" to describe these encounters. I have been mulling over all of the insightful advice and challenging arguments that the guests brought up throughout FLEFF week, and I think this word really sums it up. How have these encounters shaped the way you will give "gifts" to others in the future?

mohon kunjungannya, Wow Ini baru informasi yang sangat menarik, sungguh beruntung aku ada disini |

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