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Posted by Jennifer Barish at 9:35PM   |  1 comment

Blog posting written by Jennifer Barish, Communication Management & Design ‘14, FLEFF intern, Skokie, IL

I sat down with freshman Television-Radio major, Dylan Armstrong, last week and discussed clowns, film, and micotopias over black tea at Ithaca College’s TC Lounge. 

JB: Why did you join FLEFF?

DA: I wanted to do something […] to reach a goal. Something related to my major. And something I enjoy doing.

JB: So what do you enjoy?

DA: That’s a loaded question. I really like films. And music. FLEFF has both. I’m also interested in marketing and this was a great opportunity to learn more.

JB: Who would play you in the film version of your life?

DA: I hope maybe Carrie Mulligan. She is beautiful and one of the best actresses around. She is a calm and sensitive woman. And I like to think of myself as a calm and sensitive woman (laughs).

JB: I’m going to read you the description of FLEFF’s theme, Microtopias. Then, tell me, what are the first three words that come to mind?

DA: Culture. Individualism. Relationships

JB: Of those three words which word resonates most with you?

DA: I’m not sure. I think they’re all connected. Our culture is made of people trying to be individuals. I am one of those people trying to bring something new to the table.

JB: What do you bring to the table?

DA: A little pizazz. That’s where the relationship comes in. I bring something different to every relationship.

JB: Monster truck or clown car?

DA: Clown car. Then I can be with a bunch of people […] cramped in the back seat with a lot of clowns (we both laugh).

JB: Are you a glass half full kind of girl?

DA: Yeah, I guess.

JB: Glass half full of what?

DA: Black coffee.

The conversation quickly unraveled from here. We covered all the life bases: future goals, mundane week worries, love, and our frustration with the word microtopia. I sipped my tea (Dylan had coffee) and learned about a unique woman outside the realm of college classrooms or school-sponsored activities.

Our chat may have veered from academic theories and professional aspirations, but FLEFF certainly started the conversation.

It was a joy chatting with Dylan, and she will surely bring her quintessential “pizazz” to the festival.


1 Comment

This was a lovely interview/profile, it sounds like you really connected with Dylan during your session together! Although these posts are designed for short reading, I would LOVE to hear about how the conversation 'unraveled' further, hearing both of your thoughts about life and Microtopias and things of that sort! :)

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