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Posted by Matthew Reis at 4:14PM   |  2 comments
Still from the movie "Disorder."

Go to Cinemapolis to see "DISORDER" on Saturday April 16, 2011 at 2:10pm! Karin Chien, the producer, will be in attendance.

Blog was written by Matthew R. Reis, Cinema & Photography with an Art History minor, '13, FLEFF intern, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

How does the changing world of film, from theaters distribution to online distribution impact dGenerate films?

It has and it hasn’t affected our work. It has affected it because we due put our films online for streaming, downloading, and renting. We started the company in partnership with this platform called Reframe. Reframe is a joint venture between Amazon and the TriBeCa Film Institute and they use, you know, a lot of digital technology for their distribution, but at the end of the day we are primarily distributing to the very traditional educational market. I mean this market is fairly traditional [in that] they sometimes still sell films on VHS. It’s a very traditional price point, it’s a very conservative market, you know films that are a couple of years old are still considered new to them.

So we’re still getting our primary source of revenue from a very conservative and traditional market even though we are participating in the digital [roll-out] platforms, the truth is that those digital platforms are not monetized which means they don’t bring in a lot of revenue. Some of them don’t bring in any revenue at all. We have to participate in these new platforms, [but dGenerate hasn't been] effected that much because we’re still making our primary revenue from traditional sources of distribution.

And before you go would you just like to say one thing about “Disorder” and why you think people should see it at FLEFF.

I think “Disorder” will offer a view of China that you’ve never seen before. It has sometime for everybody because it’s a film for cinephiles, [among others.] And it’s absolutely fascinating the way the film is put together and they way the director, Huang Weikai made it. It’s also a film for people who watch movies to be entertained. “Disorder” is really about the pure absurdity of everyday life in China. So it is humorous and it's kind of mind blowing to watch what’s happening onscreen and it’s a film for people who are interested in Asia or China specifically. It offers this unmediated, raw view of life on the streets in China and features the kind of stuff that you really don’t get to see anywhere else.

My thanks goes out to Karin Chien for taking the time out of her hectic workday to talk with me. I hope you all get a chance to see “Disorder” and talk to Karin personally.

Go to Cinemapolis to see "DISORDER" on Saturday April 16, 2011 at 2:10pm! Karin Chien, the producer, will be in attendance.



Don't forget the Science Cabaret at Delilah's, Tuesday April 5th at 7pm. Showing "Warriors of Qiugong". It's FREE!!!!

Matt--Thanks for these incredibly detailed posts with Karin Chien from dgenerate films--you've really drilled down into the changing landscapes of international film.

BTW, the work dgenerate distributes is REALLY hard to see...some of it is banned in China and other countries in Asia...sixth generation chinese cinema is rocking the globe...

THE SAT AND SUN SCREENINGS OF DISORDER from DGENERATE are NOT TO BE MISSED. Work that simply can not be seen elsewhere! Sat at 2 at Cinemapolis with Ms. Chien!

DISORDER caused a riot and intense debate at its Museum of Modern Art screening...and we have it for FLEFF 2011....see you all there...

Thanks for a great, astute series on dgenerate and Karin Chien, Matt!

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