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Posted by Blaize Hall at 4:36PM

Greetings Fellow Cinephiles, Bloggers, Artists, and lovers of the online sphere of all things amazing,

My name is Blaize, like fire, like the horse, like carving a new path through the woods, like the 17th century French philosopher Pascal, just add the “I” and you get me!  

I hail from Georgia, not the state, but a town in Vermont.  Far from the deep South, this little town boasts natural beauty, nestled on the shore of Lake Champlain, with icy winters and gorgeous summers akin to those in Ithaca.  

I spent my childhood home schooled, which left a lot of time for catching snakes and tadpoles, training my dogs to do cool tricks, building tree forts with my three brothers, and breeding bunnies and gerbils.

The one thing missing in my town is a high school.  Georgian kids have school choice.  I attended high school in Essex Junction, VT, where I sang, danced and ran my way through a busy four years.  It was there that I found my passion for media while working on EHSPN, our school’s sports show.  

I am currently a junior at Ithaca College studying Television-Radio Communications.  I have traded sports coverage for a position producing The Screening Room, a film review show on ICTV.  I also have a passion for acting and work on as many field shows and student projects as possible each semester.  Shows I especially enjoyed include Boys of 213, a mockumentary comedy about college boys in a forced triple, and Life and Death, a drama about addiction.  

My personal addiction is to a busy lifestyle.  I love a packed schedule that makes relaxation taste ten times sweeter than lethargy ever could.  This semester I am an RA for the transfer floor, work in Alumni Hall, volunteer at the Auburn State Penitentiary with my acting teacher, and also maintain a gym routine religiously.  

Speaking of religion, I find it a fascinating aspect of humanity.  The social constructs that religion provides, it’s influence on politics, relationships, individual psyche, and so much more cause me to question whether it is a more positive or negative influence in our lives.  The fact that it is so globally integral in the functionality of so many facets of our lives forces me to consider questions like; What is the origin of the human need for religion?  What are the dangers of ascribing to one religion devoutly?  What are the benefits of obtaining a religious identity and community? Is it possible for one religion to be “right” and all the others “wrong”?  

Last semester I was able to take U.S. Foreign Policy and Religions, taught by Beth Harris.  This course allowed me to explore some of these questions.  We had a series of guest speakers who were activists in Ithaca.  Their perspectives ended up inspiring a few colleagues and I to create a short documentary exploring individuals’ religious motivations for activist work.  The results of our interviews revealed that while some people obtain most of their motivation from a sense of higher calling, others do it simply for the good of humanity, or because of personal experiences that have driven them to action.  

While the status of international relations can be alarming, people like the ones we interviewed give me faith in humanity.  The work of activists, indie filmmakers, and documentarians gives me hope that people will not be silenced on the issues most pivotal to our continuance as a happy, healthy species.  

The privilege of blogging for a both locally and internationally iconic film festival such as FLEFF is humbling, honoring, and above all thrilling.  I am looking forward to meeting people who will challenge my perceptions of the world around me.  I am eager for conversations that will inspire further research and creative work.  I am most excitedly anticipating the breadth of learning that I know is headed my way.  I hope to find answers, and in the process, help you who read this blog to find new discoveries as well!

Here we go!  Bon Voyage!

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