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Posted by Dorothea Hinman at 11:29PM   |  12 comments
Dorothea Hinman

Blog posting written by Dorothea Hinman, Cinema and Photography, '15, FLEFF Intern, Rochester, New York. 

Greetings, FLEFF world!

I, Dorothea Hinman, am a sophomore at Ithaca College studying Cinema and Photography with a concentration in screenwriting. A theater minor is also in the works. I come from a small town outside Rochester, NY, and this is my first time on the FLEFF Blogging team! In fact, it is my first year of involvement in the festival, and I cannot wait to take the first step in my own personal FLEFF narrative. 

Speaking of movement, this year's theme is "mobilities." Not only is this theme pertinent to the films and environmental issues at the forefront of the festival, it speaks to me on a personal level. A large reason I am so excited to be involved in FLEFF is the professional opportunity it gives me. I see it as an open door into the professional world surrounding film festivals, conversation and networking. 

Beyond a personal prevalence, the theme of mobilities resurfaces in all of the aspects of this year's sixteenth annual festival. Whether this be our partnership with EngageMedia or the Dérive app, an innovative urban exploration application, or flash mobs, (coming to a food court near you!) FLEFF is about creating a movement of conversation about environmental issues in Ithaca and around the world. How will you help progress the FLEFF movement forward? 


Welcome to the blogging staff, Dorothea! I am so excited to work with you this semester and I know you are going to be a great addition to the team!

Personally, I hope to help progress the FLEFF movement forward by actively fulfilling my role as Social Media Manager and team member for the blogging staff.

Thank you, Andrew! I am truly stoked to be a part of this team.

I agree with you; your role is crucial to this year's mobilities. The addition of your role as Social Media Manager not only give FLEFF a revamped approach, but also will have practical uses as well!

Great job conveying the connection to our projects and the FLEFF 2013 theme of mobilities. Can't wait to see your projects on and Dé in the upcoming weeks!

I plan on helping FLEFF move forward by promoting events to friends, family, and nice strangers:) I'll see you there!

Flash mobs?! Are you looking to incorporate your dancing background into this year's theme; "Mobilities?" I look forward to seeing the content you produce!

Yes, Matthew, we are doing some flash mobs! In fact, come to the pub this Thursday at 12:30 and witness a one-of-a-kind FLEFF flash mob! See you there!

Flash mobs are great!

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