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Posted by Elizabeth Ring at 2:58PM
Elizabeth Ring

I tell people I’m from Chicago. I have the skyline tattooed on my ribs. In truth, I was born in Evanston, Illinois, raised about 20 minutes from the city that is permanently etched into my skin.

Bragging about my city, though, has never truly felt like a lie. The ongoing Pizza Debate of flat New York style versus heavy Chicago deep dish between me and the many Manhattanites that inhibit Ithaca College is part of my culture. Presenting as the sophisticated metropolitan girl from the Midwestern city with a dangerous reputation is part of my identity.

Although it may not be entirely factual, it doesn’t matter.

The blunt reality is that I live in these tiny, truthful lies, vicariously through characters that I create, read about, or see on screen.

When asked about why I love film, why I study screenwriting, I tell people that I love to live through literature. I like creating fictional worlds that feel real. I love living through other people’s stories.

Cinema is a portal to different realities and allows spectators to live multiple lives.

Working for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival means being a part of an education, an insight into worlds different from our own. FLEFF’s stories take place in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America.

While it’s true that each life is unique and that no one will ever completely understand another’s experiences, watching, listening, and reading about other people’s stories help to create an understanding between people.

FLEFF is an opening into life and a place to unite, and, for that, I am so excited to be a part of it.


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