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Posted by Hanxiao Wang at 9:33PM

Blog posting written by Hanxiao Wang, Integrated Marketing Communications Studies, ’19, FLEFF Intern, Sichuan, China.

Hello everyone!

I’m Hanxiao Wang, a third year transfer student from Sichuan, China. I major in Integrated Marketing Communications at the Roy H. Park School of Communications. This has been the second semester since I arrived to Ithaca. Fortunately, I have become a FLEFF blogger! I’m always curious about things I have never done before, and that’s why I’m interested in FLEFF and being a blogger.

In the past, I attended a small independent film festival where I was excited to watch any movies I liked for free! (I know you would laugh at me.) Also, communicating with different film producers and movie lovers inspired me as well. This time, as a blogger, I will get the precious opportunity to interview and to know those “weird,” “crazy,” and creative film workers!

As I mentioned above, I like challenging myself to engage in activities I have never experienced before. I attended a junior college in Xi’an, China in 2005 majoring in Advertising Design.  After I graduated, I went to Beijing, China alone and worked for nearly six years. Despite my job as a Copy Director at an advertising agency, I was preoccupied with an idea that there would still be some adventures and possibilities waiting for me to explore.

I quit my job in June of 2014, with the simple idea to go to America to further pursue my education. It hasn’t been easy for me to pick up my English since I did not practice for nearly seven years. If you ever watch the film “Whiplash”, you would be able to understand what I’m talking about. To some degree, I’m like the drummer from the movie, who could push himself in an extreme way. Therefore, after half a year, I applied for American universities and here I am.

By the way, I was a drummer in a psychedelic rock band named Acoelomate Goat when I was in Beijing. At that time, I enjoyed attending many different music festivals. In my opinion, music and film always interact with each other. So this time I am so excited for the surprises FLEFF will offer!

Finally, as a FLEFF blogger, I hope I can spread my aesthetic attitude and multi-values through blogging. I also expect people who want to discuss or argue with me to comment on my blogs. I appreciate the opportunity of being able to participate in FLEFF from the beginning to the end and I am looing forward to working with the other blogging team members! 

So what do you expect from the 19th FLEFF?


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