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Posted by Jade Hazzard at 7:50PM
Jade Hazzard

From chaotic city streets with thousands of people, double-decker buses, and trains all vying for space, and the distinctive scent of breweries that fills the air of “Auld Reekie”. To a small seaside town with one main road and the also distinctive, but very different, scent of seaweed and bait being loaded onto lobster boats.

The move my parents and I made in 2004 would mean that I would no longer see homeless people at the side of the street. I have a vivid memory of a bike chained to a railing with its wheels stolen. Now I live in a place with no public transportation and nobody locks their doors let alone their bikes!

My name is Jade Hazzard, I’m a Television-Radio student at Ithaca College, and I moved from Edinburgh, Scotland to Camden, Maine.

Growing up in a small town on the east coast I was always felt that environmental issues were at the forefront of importance. However, I was never really thinking of environment meaning anything more than the trash we produce and the air we breathe. That’s what happens when you grow up taking field trips to the woods to build fairy houses rather than learning what’s happening in the world I suppose.

It wasn’t that I was unaware that the politics is part of our environment, but it was more that I was focused on what I believed, and was told, I could actually impact. As I got older I began to understand that the environment covered more facets than I was taught. It covers corruption, pollution, gun violence, over-fishing, justice systems and much more.  That’s what intrigues me about FLEFF, the idea that peoples’ actions and beliefs can be influenced by not just what’s shown on TV or by what people say around us, but by various form of media.  

While there are a variety of reason as to why I wanted to be a FLEFF Blogger, like challenging my ideas and opening my eyes up to the corruption and hardships that people have to face. I think it will be very challenging however to comment on what we, as bloggers are seeing and hearing when all of us are currently attending a private college in upstate New York.  

FLEFF excites me because a person does not have to go into in knowing that their opinions will be altered, but they do go into it knowing that they’re open to change. This year’s theme of Disruptions speaks volumes to the world we currently live, and that’s a terrifying concept to realize. Many of us, and I to have been found guilty of, pretending that everything happening in the world will work itself out because it doesn’t directly affect us. But it's 2019 and we need to step up and open our eyes to the disruptions that surround us, like gun violence and worldwide political corruption.

There are so many ways to convey a message and empower people and for me, that's what FLEFF does. I want to challenge myself and learn how to craft my ideas and observations in a professional manner while also letting my voice come through. I believe that being able to think critically and allow oneself to be uncomfortable is one of the only ways to grow intellectually. So, I didn’t end up experiencing disruptions and learning about the environment outside of pollution while growing up. However, I have challenged myself to not be ignorant to the world around me and FLEFF will help me do that. 

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