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Posted by Kathryn Beaule at 11:57PM
FLEFF Blogger: Katie Beaule

Blog posting by Katie Beaule, Communication Management and Design '16, FLEFF Blogger, Windsor, CT


Hello fellow FLEFFers, 


In honor of this year’s theme, I am excited to welcome everyone back into the FLEFF habitat; a place of creativity, inquiry, and consciousness. 


As a junior Communications Management and Design major at Ithaca College, I have always been aware of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival within our local community. However, it was not until this fall, when I took an honors course with FLEFF co-director Patricia Zimmerman, that I began to fully immerse myself into the festival’s environment.


During this honors course, Dr. Zimmerman spoke to us about topics such as audience engagement, participatory cultures, and spreadable media. Each week featured new films and media projects that had previously been shown at FLEFF. With a heightened sense of awareness, I became intrigued with these different HABITATS that I was being exposed to.  


In my own life, I have only had two major changes of habitat. The first was when I moved from my birthplace of Alpharetta, Georgia to Windsor, Connecticut at six years old and the second was when I chose Ithaca, New York as the place to receive my higher education.


In both cases, I viewed these journeys as significant milestones in my life. Each move took years of adjustment, including meeting new people, discovering different cultures, and acquiring new values. Although it was difficult, these assimilations were vital for me as I continued to grow as a person and search for an identity. 


Now, as the 18th annual FLEFF spins into action, I am once again eager to transport myself from one habitat to another. With so many wonderful artists, activists, film makers, musicians, and performers coming to FLEFF this year, I am certain that adaption will not only be quick, but easy. It is hard not to fall into sync with those around you when innovation and intellect are at the heart of the environment. 


But as I join others in April for this wonderful FLEFF experience, I will keep in mind the complexity of the FLEFF habitat. Much like in Dr. Zimmerman's class, I will once again be exposed to films, presentations, and performances that are foreign to me. I will be given the opportunity to look at the world through different lenses and to question my own actions, views, and rationales


It is exactly this discomfort and this extension into the unknown that makes me so excited for FLEFF week. I know that as I sit through these projects, I will be taken on a mental journey to various HABITATS of the world; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And with that nervousness and excitement swelling into one huge emotion inside of me, I know that it is time to ready, set, FLEFF!


What habitat from your own life has shaped you most as a person?

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