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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Gena Mangiaratti at 3:16PM   |  5 comments
Gena Mangiaratti (I swear I wasn't going for anything with the black and white graininess)

I'm Gena (pronounced like "Jenna") Mangiaratti, I'm a sophomore Journalism major with a minor in Anthropology. I'm from right outside of Springfield, Massachusetts.

In a little more than a year and a half at Ithaca, I feel like I have learned more about the world outside of my surroundings than in all the time leading up to it. As a journalist, I'm drawn to writing articles that spread awareness of human rights abuses or that bring understanding to differing sides of a conflict. One of my main commitments at Ithaca is being a staff writer for Buzzsaw Magazine, a student-run alternative literary magazine that focuses on politics and social justice.

I was drawn to FLEFF because I wanted to learn more about film as a vehicle for educating others. I am also very interested in learning about the inspirations behind creative people. So far as a FLEFF intern I have had the opportunity to watch a screening of "Gimme Shelter," after which director Alfred Maysles gave an engaging and informative question and answer session.

I look very much forward to interviewing FLEFF guests so I can provide readers with Q&A's and profiles.

What would you most like to find out about FLEFF filmmakers?



I like your statement about why you were drawn to FLEFF and agree, considering I am also a FLEFF intern. Your quest to discover the motivations behind creative people at FLEFF is very worthwhile and I wish you all the best! I look forward to helping make FLEFF such a great series of events with you!

I am also a communications and anthropology student and am very interested in human rights conflicts. It's incredible to see the power that the media can have in spreading knowledge and even influencing human rights movements. Hopefully FLEFF will allow us to learn even more about how we can use the media as a tool to educate others.

I am from Springfield, MA too! It's great too see Western, MA represented.

I look forward to your Q&As with the artists. I went to the Screening of "Gimme Shelter" as well, and found the Q&A session with Mr. Maysles was every bit as fascinating and revealing as the film itself.

I'm curious what you have learned about how festivals function, and if your thinking about the relationship between media and human rights has shifted any? Or become more complicated? išin backlink lazım

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