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Posted by Kelsey Greene at 11:20PM   |  6 comments
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Blog post written by Kelsey Green, Documentary Studies and Production, '13, FLEFF intern, Buffalo, New York

I grew  up an hour outside of Buffalo, NY, but currently, I reside in Ithaca, New York,  where I am a sophomore enrolled in Documentary Studies and Production at Ithaca College. 

I am from a rural area and therefore enjoy many activities outdoors such as horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking.  Ithaca is a great place to pursue my studies because there are so many natural areas to explore nearby.

On campus, I am engaged in several ways.  I am a resident assistant for the first year living community on campus. And, I'm also a dean’s host for the Roy H. Park School of Communications. 

When I am not on duty in the residential halls or giving tours of the Park School, the multimedia section of The Ithacan keeps me busy.  I am regularly creating short videos and slideshows for the online section of the paper.  On weekends, I get a thrill out of filming Cornell hockey games for the ICTV show Big Red Faceoff.

Education is very important to me. I do what I can to help youth, because I believe they are our future.  Once a week,  I go to the Ithaca High School to tutor local students.  I also work through a program on campus to talk with visiting ninth graders about my college experiences. I hope to become a film producer after I finish my degree,  but I am also interested in becoming a professor. 

Why am I interested in documentaries and new media?  Because I am amazed at the power they have in raising awareness and prompting social change.  The engagement involved not only by the creators, but also by the audience, fascinates me.  So, that's why I am excited to become more immersed in the media world through FLEFF.  The opportunity to see so many different forms of art and to meet so many different leading artists is incredible!   

What are you looking forward to in the 2011 edition of FLEFF?  Are there certain artists you’re particularly excited to hear speak?    


While I'm always excited to see the various films brought in by the festival, I am particularly excited to hear what Elvira Dyangani Ose will have to share with us about her studies in African Art and collective memory!


I'm so interested in your work in the high school. How did you get involved in that?

And, what artists/new media guests do you want to hear at FLEFF this year?


I became involved with the tutoring at Ithaca High School after reading an intercom e-mail looking for volunteers to help with the program called LEAD. The program specifically helps ALANA high school students.

The program I'm involved with on campus was pointed out to me by one of my professors.

As far as what artists I'm looking forward to, there are a bunch!

I love Cynthia Henderson not only because she is incredibly talented but also because of the work she has done with her talents. I really like the program she did where she uses plays as a way to unite communities and solve local problems.

I am excited for James LaVeck and Jenny Stein from Peaceable Kingdom as well. I enjoyed their documentary "The Witness."

Jeremy and Landon are definitely favorites of mine and I am thrilled that they are coming to visit! I absolutely love their documentary "Good Fortune." The story structure and cinematography is astonishing!

I am interviewing Laura Deutch so I am excited to learn more about her and see her at FLEFF.

This is only a part of my list, as the FLEFF week gets closer I'm sure I will get more and more excited about all the visiting artists!


Yeah, one of the greatest things about going to diverse FLEFF events is becoming fans of people that you may have never heard of before!

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