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Posted by Matthew Reis at 2:04AM   |  7 comments
Matthew R. Reis portrait

Blog posting written by Matthew Reis, Cinema and Photography, '13, FLEFF Intern

Hello FLEFF sponsors, participants and guests. My name is Matthew R. Reis. I want to welcome you to the “Intern Voices” blog.

So, a little bit about me:  I am a sophomore Cinema & Photography major with a minor in Art History. I write for “The Ithacan,” Ithaca College’s award winning newspaper. I specialize in reviewing films, art installations, and previewing upcoming plays. I also am involved with Ithaca College Television and the Art History Society here on campus. When I am not working with groups on campus, I enjoy promoting media literacy, following current events, reading, and playing video games on campus.

Getting off campus is even better.

There are some things I really enjoy doing in town. I love going to the movies. Ithaca has a large amount of movie theaters existing in a relatively small area. Cinemapolis the home of FLEFF, Cornell Cinema and Regal Cinemas are all great places to go and enjoy film.

Here are a few more things I like about Ithaca: its acceptance of alternative lifestyles, the wealth of community owned businesses, and an vibrant, engaging art scene.

So why did I want to work with FLEFF?
I find that all forms of media have the potential to be more than just commodities a person rents or buys. Media is transformative and can bring small issues to the forefront of today’s complex world.

So the simple answer is this: I became an intern to prove that media can change lives. Additionally, being a part of FLEFF is an exciting experience. So many people from all walks of life, in places all around the world, are effected by what takes place at FLEFF.

I am honored and proud to be a small part of this festival's continued growth and success.

When I applied to be a FLEFF intern, I had two goals: to learn more about the nuts-and-bolts of the film industry and to network.

I met both of these goals in just over a month--and discovered new goals to strive for. 

The vast array of networking opportunities available to interns is another substantial perk of FLEFF. So far, I have met and talked to a variety of artists, including documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles and emerging media artist/college professor Evan Meaney, a 2007 IC graduate. 

Plus: I enjoy collaborating with my fellow interns and working together towards a much better future.

Ithaca and the greater Central New York region are lucky to have a plethora of artists, activists, and hard working people contributing FLEFF. Without these people, FLEFF would have a decidedly weaker foundation. And, my college experience would be much less fulfilling.

Along with fellow interns, I have already helped with FLEFF’s ad campaign. On February 6, 2011, also known as Super Bowl Sunday, we held our first event. We managed to sell out a screening of Gimme Shelter. Mr. Maysles, one of the directors of the film, was on hand to answer any questions the audience had about his 41-year-old classic. Hopefully, this strong start will carry over into FLEFF week.

It only takes one person to go to a festival and come away with a variety of new ideas, opinions, and stories to share.

So why not come out to Ithaca, New York in April and experience FLEEF, a different environment for yourself?

Just be sure to dress warmly.



Dear Matthew,

It really does just take one person at a time to see for themselves what they can gain from going to a film festival. And when those people tell others who tell others, we soon aggregate a whole new world. Well done.


Thanks for a great posting--you seem so immersed in all IC and Ithaca as a community has to offer.

Just curious, what is it you like about going to Cinemapolis? What films have you seen there recently?


Ha, they may not need to dress as warmly in April for FLEFF as they would if they came now!
Unless our fickle weather continuous to surprise us!

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