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Posted by Yukino Kondo at 1:17PM   |  8 comments
A photo of me when I first arrived at Ithaca College

Blog posting written by Yukino Kondo, Exploratory, ’14, FLEFF Intern, Tokyo, Japan.

Konnichiwa (Hello in Japanese),

I am Yukino and I am currently a freshman exploratory major and an honors minor at Ithaca College. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan. However, I have lived in New York City and New Jersey as a child and attended high school (American School of The Hague) in the Netherlands where my parents still resides.

I am known to have way too many interests, hence my decision to be an exploratory major. Once I fall in love with something, I will obsess over it until I find something new to obsess over. I used to be ashamed of my obsessive nature because I felt like a freak. Nevertheless, I have learned to embrace it and be proud of it because it is what drives me to do anything with passion.

I consider myself to be an encyclopedia of musical theatre, and a pianist. My interest in the arts stem from the first Broadway show I had ever seen. After seeing Beauty and the Beast as a three year old, I fell absolutely in love with theatre and eventually with music. Although the music on my iTunes is diverse, it comprises mainly of show tunes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Nat King Cole, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky.

As an exploratory student, I still have no idea what I want to do in the future. All I know is that I have my eyes set on a career in the entertainment industry. Therefore when an opportunity to intern for FLEFF came along my way, I knew I had to try it despite my lack of knowledge in film or the industry.

Since becoming an intern for FLEFF, I have learned so many things from the process in promoting a screening, the process in buying rights to screen a film, the differences between a 16mm film and a 35mm film, and more.  If it weren’t for FLEFF, I probably would have never learned anything about film or the industry.

Not only is FLEFF about film, I believe that it is a celebration of the interdisciplinary nature of the art form of film, diversity, environment, and most importantly, people. It is time for us to look around us and observe the things that are affecting the environment and us.

As an international student, I really am looking forward to meeting people from different parts of the world to see how their views on a particular screening or on life differs from mine and how culture plays a role in the views. I am extremely grateful for having been given the chance to explore my career interests and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon! 


What a fine introduction, Yukino. You bring together the international, the interdisicplinary, the importance of culture, and the meshing of a variety of interests. You are fefining FLEFF as well as introducing yourself. Best wishes for a great internship experience.


Nice post! If you have an obsessive nature, then I'd say you probably belong in the entertainment industry! It sounds like you'll have a lot to share with the FLEFF discourse. I hope you're able to get everything out of FLEFF that you hope for!



Thank you. I have been so fortunate enough to have been able to travel to different places and more importantly, live in different countries. I really would like to make use of my experiences and my goal in life and specifically for FLEFF is to share an international perspective. I am really glad to have been able to find a place in FLEFF.

Thanks! I did figure that my obsessive nature will come in very hand in the entertainment industry. I mean, the reason people work in the entertainment industry is because they are at least a little obsessed with their field right?

Don't worry too much about being an exploratory student! I was one (until they wouldn't let me do it anymore) and it definitely has its benefits. Like exposing you to many possibilities! Such as FLEFF!

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