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Posted by Elma Yedda Gonzalez at 1:01AM
Jonathan Miller, journalist

Blog post by Elma Gonzalez, journalism '14, FLEFF blogger, San Diego, California. 


Journalist Jonathan Miller returns to the Finger Lakes Film Festival for the fourth time this year to present his latest project, “Food for 9 Billion.”

His lecture “The Journalist's Dilemma: How to boil the global food system down to spoon-sized servings without losing all its complexity and flavor?” will touch on the challenges journalists face in attempting to present complex issues in a way that makes sense to an audience.

“The media, both journalism and other forms of media, are really important in helping people understand the complexity of the world,” Miller said. “[There’s a] conflicting need to simplify and package stories because human beings can’t really seem to keep all these different strands and bits of information in their heads at once.”

Food for 9 Billion spawns from a collaboration between several news outlets including the Center for Investigative Reporting, PBS Newshour, Marketplace radio, and Homeland Productions, Miller’s own production company. The project reveals the potential problems in food supply as the global population continues to increase and resources become more scarce.

Miller’s presentation looks at the dissonance in the world of journalism and media. He said FLEFF’s theme this year, Dissonance, is a reminder that the world is not something that is in complete harmony.

“The world honestly isn’t completely harmonious so doing justice by it requires you to try to acknowledge the dissonance,” he said.  

As a media producer, Miller said, coming face to face with an audience is a rare opportunity. Journalists usually report to large audiences but rarely have opportunities to engage in discussion with them, he said.

“The nature of broadcast is sitting in one place and dispersing our message out there and hoping that little seeds catch and that people are interested,” he said. “But that is a very different dynamic than actually being in the same room with people so I like that.”

Miller’s presentation is scheduled for Monday, March 31 at 3 p.m.


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