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Posted by Kathryn Beaule at 11:28PM
FLEFF 2015

Blog posting by Katie Beaule, Communication Management and Design '16, FLEFF Blogger, Windsor, CT


After a few weeks of immersion into FLEFF and the film festival culture, there are many tidbits of knowledge that have resonated with me. My top five are the following:


  1. Preparations

As a Communications major, I was deeply intrigued when FLEFF staffer, Jenny Stockdale, spoke to our blogging team about FLEFF’s marketing strategies. She emphasized the importance of consistency throughout FLEFFs promotions, advertisements, and international outreach. Although her efforts are behind the scenes, they are all very important to the success of the festival. 


  1. Film Distribution

Although I had never thought about film distribution in the past, this component of FLEFF is something that I value very much now. After speaking with Karin Chien of dGenerate Films, I learned how difficult it is to acquire films from countries with tight censorship laws. Thus, the connection that the FLEFF team makes with filmmakers is something quite remarkable considering the obstacles that both parties face throughout the distribution process.


  1. “The experience economy”

“The experience economy” is a new term that I have learned while working with FLEFF. It focuses on the idea that festivals are more than just the films they show; they are about the relationships that are built and the conversations that are had. The experience economy strategically creates excitement for films, gets attendees involved in discussions, and keeps people immersed in activities.


  1. Marginalized Ideas

As the FLEFF week agenda begins to take shape, it becomes more and more apparent that the goal of FLEFF is to stir the pot, to shake people out of their comfort zones and to throw them into new, complex ideas. The films and projects that are included in FLEFF focus on marginalized ideas and challenge values and goals. They zoom in on topics that aren’t mainstream and create awareness for habitats around the globe.


  1. Curiosity

One of the greatest things to learn about FLEFF is that everyone is welcome to attend. There are no requirements regarding knowledge or past experience. In fact, the less you know, they more FLEFF may mean to you. All that FLEFF asks is that you come open minded and ready to learn. Curiosity is key.


What aspect of film festivals do you look forward to the most?


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